…as recorded by Gilbert W. Satchell…


yes, Lone Feather is my cawfee table, I carved him some 20 years ago

he is my alter-ego, my forever friend

These pages are dedicated to:

my father, Weaver Fleming Satchell

my brother, Frank Leland Satchell

a special Thank You to Renae & Sheri


“…it just ain’t right, if it isn’t left…” (gws)

“…mankind’s greatest addiction? Ego…” (gws)

“…everyone’s shadow is the same color…” (gws)


condition report

sounds coming from every corner

no silence anymore

this lacking of a common demoninator

brings voices in the night

fractured and twisted tongues

within a common legion

too large to comprehend

or move fast enough

cell divisions

community integrates

tribal respects all sounds are garbled

broken up in the dance

voices cry out in the night

exclaiming their hunger to the moon

shared at midnight

failing to reduce and congeal

again to the zygote

of planetary mass

too small  too many  too fast



…I write these pages from the top down, so the latest updates will be at the bottom of the page…I also add things here and there along the way down…if I didn’t do it this way the subjects addressed histories would be lost, thank you for understanding…


“…planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…”(Major Tom)


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